German-Japanese web conference on the future of work</

German-Japanese web conference on the future of work

In June 2019, DIGIMARI was launched as a research marketing project with the aim of building a network between the Japanese region of Kansai and the region of Central Hesse in Germany for joint research projects on the digitization of production companies. To achieve this, marketing and communication activities are of great importance. In addition to online measures, offline and on-site marketing activities were also successfully implemented.

Unfortunately, the latter has not been able to be executed since the beginning of the global Covid-19 pandemic. A delegation trip to Tokyo, which was planned for April 2020, had to be canceled, but was replaced by four successful online conferences between July and October of 2020.

These meetings dealt with the topic of the future of work in Germany and Japan. During the four online meetings, the participants presented their latest research results, which formed the foundation for very lively and exciting discussions. The last online conference in October also started talks about a possible future collaboration.

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