Launch of the new master’s program Digital Business</

Launch of the new master’s program Digital Business

Digital transformation is challenging small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Germany and Japan. Especially in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering insurmountable hurdles can occur. Our project DIGIMARI supports enterprises through benchmarking: a process in which methods and products are compared with the best in its field to help SMEs develop new business models for digital production.

In an interview with the BMBF’s “The Future of Work” campaign, our project initiator Professor Dr. Nils Madeja points out the similaritiesbetween Japan and Germany in the digital sector and shows how companies can benefit from our DIGIMARI project.

In order to strengthen students for future digital trends and developments, the Business School departmentof the Technical University of Applied Sciences (THM) offers the new master’s program Digital Business. Official start is 2021 summer semester. As part of an early bird launch, the new master’s program will already begin in 2020/2021 winter semester.

If you like to learn more about the new master’s program Digital Business, all details can be found here.

The interview with our project initiator and the article about digital challenges can be found on the website of the “The Future of Work” campaign:

„Data is the treasure trove of each company, and often it’s still buried”
“Q&A: Benchmark test: new business models for digital production in German and Japanese SMEs”

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